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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 29, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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have fallen on this memorial day. thank you for joining us. that's it for me. thanks very much for. watching. in the meantime, the news continues right here on cnn. thank you so much. good to be with you on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining me especially on this e memorial day. the president back from his nine-day trip overseas in time to honor the nation's fallen war heroes. he paid tribute there today at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the solemn moment of silence happening in stark contrast to what's going on inside the white house. the cry ses now extending to the president's son-in-law, one of his top advisers, jared kushner as "the washington post" repo
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reported in december, kushner may have discussed creating a secret back channel so the transition team could communicate directly with the kremlin. what's more here, kushner suggested, quote, using russian diplomatic facilities in the united states for the communications. the post cites officials briefed on intercepted between the kremlin and russian ambassador. the president himself is defending kushner to "the new york times" saying jared is doing a great job for the country. i have total confidence in him. he is respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars. in addition to that, and perhaps more importantly, he's a very good person. let me add on to that the two top trump white house officials are down play iing those report. >> we have back channel commu communications with a number of them. so generally speaking, without back channel communications what
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that allows you to do is communicate in a discreet manner. it doesn't predispose you to content of the conversation or anything. >> i don't see any big issue here. any line of communication to a country is a good thing. >> let's e get more from john wagner, who just wrote a piece about changes in his staff because of all of that. thank you for coming in. we'll get to the kushner piece in a second. but much of the lead of your story is about this war room. what's that about? >> it sounds like the truch white house is about to take a page from president clinton's white house. during the other scandals. they set up a crisis management team. a a number of lawyers and political staffers who were walled off from the west of the white house.
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they attempt to handle these issues so the white house can continue to function and not have to deal with it as much incoming on these issues. >> if they do that, your piece also mentioned a reshuffling of senior staff. is that because of the war room or bigger issues? >> that's in part. the president has kind of made both publicly and privately he's not thrilled with how his mun indications staff is doing. there's talk of a a number of scenarios there perhaps with sean spicer, the white house press secretary playing a diminished role seeing a revo e revolving cast of characters doing the white house briefings in a couple weeks. and even talk about senior staffers and how secure their jobs are. . i don't think we'll see immediate changes, but now that the president is back in the country, a lot of these things are being actively discussed. >> you talk of a diminished role. all you have been reporting on this back chapel between kushner and the russian ambassador and
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the kremlin, tell me about a potential smaller role that you're hearing that jared kushner could play as this is taken front and center headlines. >> it's interesting he has such an expansive portfolio from the middle east to innovations in the white house, yet the public rarely hears from him directly. i don't know how noticeable it would be to the public, but there are certainly people counselling him within the white house to lay low for the foreseeable future. >> lay low and take on a smaller role are two very different things. >> we're not going to see much of him publicly. there's some in the white house who have suggested apparently not directly to him, but shown interest in him taking a leave until the russian crisis is resolved. i don't think that's going to happen. the president's statement was pretty unequivocal.
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>> john wagner, excellent reporting. thank you so much for joining me on this holiday. one person troubled by the latest news about the president's son-in-law is senator john mccain, who is is visiting australia and spoke with a tv network there. >> i don't like it. i just don't. i know that it some administration officials are saying that's standard procedure. i don't think it's standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the united states by someone who is not in an appointed position. >> national political reporter was with me here. talking about jared curb near and we have reporting from jeff c zeleny if you noticed during this nine-day overseas trip of the president's jared kushner left early and according to jeff zeleny he didn't want to just be
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by the president's side, being protective of the commander-in-chief and his father-in-law, what do you make of that decision? >> it's interesting. we heard from kushner's lawyer saying he will comply with anything he needs to. but as trump alluded to. this is going to be a cloud over this white house given jared kushner's proximity to the president and also he is the most trusted aid of the president. there was so much that we don't know about him. e he's not in public official. he doesn't have proven experience with the things he's tasked with. he's been an unconfirmed spot, which means he didn't have to undergo the public scrutiny that other people in the administration have. yet "the new york times" has been reporting ob some friction between the president including when they pitched them to invest
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and the promise of the visa. the photo appeared on a slide in her presentation. so "the new york times" is reporting that the president days later made several snarky comments in the wake of that. so their ep relationship not picture perfect. >> right, it's also family. it's not like another position where he could fire that person. the relationship gets a little tricky here, but the fact that this would continue to linger on as he's involved in lots of different issues in the white house and as the president is establishing that war room trying to publicly kind of let them handle that portion of the russian investigation and get become to domestic issues, which lawmakers on capitol hill want to get back to. this creates a big cloud that i think will linger for months. putting his job in question. >> right. we know the president is back. the president has been back on twitter. there was a massive twitter
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storm. >> it is my opinion that the leaks out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media. here's another. whenever you see the words sources say in a fake news paid ya and don't mention names, it's possible that those sources don't exist. but are made up by fake news writers, fake news is the enemy. here's the thing. when you read tr a lot of these reporters, they point out that trump's white house asks for permission to speak without attributi attribution. my question is you can't have it both ways. >> exactly. not only this white house, but all white houses talk to reporters on background. capitol hill, same thing.
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lots of different sources here. the ting about this that raises a big question mark is that the president also cited sources while going after president obama for his birth certificate and questioning his nationality ask things like that. so what he's trying to do is say to the public, look, this is all made up and to his base supporters, that really speaks to them. but you can't have it both ways. it's really troubling for a white house condemn sources within the white house, but also for journalistic purposes, this raises a lot of concern. >> thank you very much. let's move on to this one. breaking news. tiger woods arrested in the wee hours of the morning today in south florida suspected of driving while under the influence. and we have his photo. this is the tiger woods mug shot. once the world best golfer, we are told he was released with no
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bond. mike wise is with me. mike, did you ever think you'd see a tiger woods mug shot? he's been trying to come back. it's sad. >> it is. it's the latest free fal in many ways. he hasn't won a a pga tour event since 201. he hasn't won a pga major event since 2008 before his crash anded issen personal meltdown that featured the divorce of his wife and so this is the latest. tiger has gone through four back surgeries and in the last ten years he's essentially given up his quest to play in a major this year. so i don't know where he goes from here. to see this mug shot, it's depressing. it's very depressing.
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>> it is. and you mention all those different back surgeries. he said more than a a month ago, had he underwent a fusion surgery and was instant nesh nerve relief. that was as recent as a month ago. >> i don't know what to say except for professionally, i remember back when mike tyson had this dominant streak where everybody expected him to return to the mike tyson. it was this false hope pine iinr an old girlfriend or something. that's what america wants from tiger woods. we want to see him be the golfer he was again. and i'm afraid it's not going to happen. if he can come back to any semblance and get his personal life back in order, if the arrest on suspicion of dui charges prove to be true ask he has to go to court and provide some community service, you just want to see tiger get well. >> you mentioned his personal life and that divorce. since the imfa mouse divorce, he
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dated lindsey vonn for awhile. do you know he's been hanging out with recently? >> shockingly, i don't hang out in those circles. >> you don't? you had me fooled. >> i think the biggest thing whenever i see him quoted and he rarely opens himself up except for on his own blog. i see him talking about being the father he wants to be for his children and and try iing t reconcile that before anything else in his life. and so here's hoping that happens. clearly being arrested at 3:00 a.m. in jupiter, florida, does not put you on that trail. >> you mentioned mike tyson. you see this fall from grace. is this one of the more stunning falls you have covered in sports. >> i think so. i remember jennifer capriati being arrested for shoplifting ask being the number one tennis
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player in the world. mike tyson is the most recent example because he was such a dominant fighter. and then to not only lose his career in the ring, but essentially go to jail and spend time in a penitentiary for being convicted of the rape of a beauty contestant. that's the most con pick use fall. tiger woods was as big as michael jordan, anybody in the prime of their career. >> he was an icon. >> icon was not thrown around lightly for tiger woods as it is now for many athletes. he was in that tom brady, michael jordan, tiger woods, there were just a few athletes that had such a dominant streak and had so much going for him and to see him slowly go down this path it's depressing. i'm one of these people.
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get your personal life in order first and then worry about the professional. >> totally. america loves a good redemption story. i wish him the best as well. thank you so much. i appreciate it. moments from now, the man this charge of the special investigation into the trump campaign ties to russia will make rare public remarks. standby for bob muller in a commencement speech in massachusetts. also a stunning remark by one of america's closest allies. why angela merkel says after meeting with president trump europe can't rely on the u.s. anymore. we'll discuss that. and two heroes sacrificing their lives to defend two total strangers on a train during a racist attack. one of those strangers, a teenage girl, is speaking out about what haunts her. you're watching cnn on this memorial day monday. we'll be right back. for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business.
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women, teens riding a commuter train. one of them wearing a hee jad when a monster begins to yell out racist and anti-muslim slurs at them. >> he told us to go back to saudi arabia. and he told us that we shouldn't be here and to get out of his country. he was just telling us that we basically weren't anything ask we should just kill ourselves. >> that young woman tells us she and her friend moved to the back of the train to try to get away, but then a stranger steps in and defends them. he says to the man, you can't disrespect these young ladies like that. more strangers step in. that's when the knife comes out. the suspect is starts to stab right there in broad daylight on a train in america. one of the girls says she's just heard arguing and fighting and seeing blood everywhere. two of these heroes didn't survive. they died defending strangers. one a military veteran a father
11:20 am
of four. the other a recent college graduate, economics degree. he had just started his career. and today one of the teens they saved is saying thank you. >> thank you to the people put their life on the line for me because they didn't even know me. and they lost their lives because the way we looked and i just want to say thank you to them ask their family. that i appreciate them because without them, we probably would be dead right now. >> the third hero right now in the hospital and despite his serious wounds is expected to survive. his mother says as badly hurt as he is, he blames himself. >> i'm feeming very, very lucky. thanking god.
11:21 am
i'm feeling bad for my son who thinks it's his fault. they missed the jugular by a millimeter. they cut one of the carotid arteries. he will have somization. >> critics slam president trump for not condemning the attacks but today he tweeted this. the violent attacks on portland are unacceptable. the victims were stand. ing up to hate and intolerance. our prayers are with them. polo sandoval is covering this for us. let's go back to the hero pfs tell me about the strangers who stepped in on that train. >> let's start with the youngest of these heroes. the lone survivor, the only one who survived the attack and lived to tell about it. he is still in the hospital now.
11:22 am
doctors are saying he will recover. he is in high spirits right now. and then sadly the other two e gentlemen that did not make it. we are told that he had just started his career in economics. he had just bought a house and planned to get married and eventually fill that house with children. sadly, that will never be. and then on this memorial day there's ricky best. the 53-year-old army veteran droibed by his employer as the model public servant. he used to work as a technician for the city ofland. his son eric spoke to wptv. >> he died fighting the good fight, protecting the innocent. >> that's probably what he wanted. we are all people and bleed red and it doesn't matter what color or religion. it doesn't matter. we're all human beings. i miss him.
11:23 am
we all miss him. he was a hero. >> a true hero indeed. he wore that title even before he stepped on to that train. we are told that mr. best retired from a career of 23 years with the army. he leaves behind his wife, four children, one of which we just heard from right now. >> our condolences with the family. we'll talk to the mayor next hour. thank you very much. moving on, one of america's closest allies says it can't rely on the u.s. anymore. why angela merkel felt compelled to say this after her recent visit with president trump. also new images released in the manchester bombing investigation. the suspect here big blue suitcase. what authorities think might be in that big blue suit kicase, coming up.
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the leader of germany now says europe can no longer completely rely on the united states. and must be prepared to take fate into its own hands. the comments coming hours after president trump returned to washington back into this russia scandal. this now gripping the white house. so one of cnn contributors is joining me now. tim, when you first heard this from chancellor merkel. how abomination of desolation is this? what does this revoel that she would say such a thing? >> chancellor merkel never says anything by mistake or off the cuff. she's been in power for 12
11:29 am
years. is she's not the sort of person who makes remarks that aren't really well thought out. even the setting was a beer tent, the remarks were calibr e calibrated to send a message to europe and the german people and also to the united states and to the united kingdom that europe simply has to get its act together because it does not see sufficient interests on the part of president trump or leadership on the part of president trump. >> so you have chancellor merkel saying what she did at the beer garden meaning what she said. you have this white knuckled handshake between the newly elected president of france and we're now hearing his side that e he intended to hang on to trump's hand, that it wasn't an innocent handshake and he wanted to send a message that the french aren't going to be walked all over. why do you think he would do
11:30 am
that? >> i think it appealed to a kor constituency that he wants to grab. the presidential election is out of the way. now he has to build a coalition in parliament and there's a sentiment in front that's actually quite hostile to the united states as he appears to be strong and says even small gestures count. you need to show that they are equal. that's the tenor of his remarks. that will go down well in france. and today he met vladimir putin in paris and he's prepared to show he will have a candid dialogue, but he's not going to be walked all over and that appears to merkel. between the pair of them, they see themselves as if you like refurbishing the engine. so it's a new start for europe.
11:31 am
so far they have been united. and they see themselves with a chance now to get europe moving again. >> let's go back to vladimir putin. because he also said donald trump, or the president of russia, are of a mind set of power relations. this is coming on the heels of that nato conference when president trump scolded allies about their financial commitment. i'm reminded of the nervousness felt by europe with george w. bush that perceived cowboy of foreign policy, but he remained committed to the ally relationships. how is president trump shifting the u.s.'s standing on a global stage president bush. >> we had our disagreements particularly of iraq. but at least he was on the spectrum. according to so many officials, donald trump is off the spectrum in terms of his relationship
11:32 am
with europe. there are many reasons. there's trade. the germans have taken badly to the remarks about germany trade practices being very bad. there's the future of nato. his failure to mention the idea of defense to europe. and there's also a sense in europe that donald trump is not consistent in his policies. and merkel has had already one very awkward meeting with him at the white house where the famous handshake didn't happen is and i think there's an incomprehension as to where american policy going to go. i think others as well that europe needs to look to its own roots and interests and rebuild its sense of purpose.
11:33 am
>> this week the white house is supposed to decide on the paris acord. speaking of climate change, thank you for us in moscow. we have new pictures just into us here of the concert bomber carrying this big blue suitcase. why authorities are now asking for the public's help with this photo. also ahead, isis taking over a city, but not exactly a place you would expect. why the terror group just raised its flag there, next. music: "werewolves of london" dude. your crunching's scaring the fish. dude. they're just jealous. new kellogg's raisin bran crunch with crunchy clusters and the taste of apples and strawberries. (excited) i got one! (jokingly) guess we're having cereal for dinner. new kellogg's raisin bran crunch apple strawberry
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11:38 am
training in syria. verlgts just releasing these new photos of the bomber carrying this big blue suitcase just before last monday evening's attack. paul krook shank is all over this. what are you learning? >> last week a u.s. official telling cnn that it was thought likely that the past few months that the attacker had trained withist nis syria. but from the british side and i've just been speaking to a counterterrorism official they believe that's a possibility, but they are not ready to talk about it as a probability. so they are still looking into the question of if this attack received training with isis somewhere if that might have been in libya and syria. that's still very much an open
11:39 am
question. it's also a question i'm told by this official whether he himself constructed the device. that's the $64,000 question for investigators. was it him that built it or somebody else in the network. they are trying to figure all that out right now. this was by all accounts a device which was more than just rudimentary. it was powerful. according to u.s. congressman it was constituted of tatp, something that isis has used in their attacks in europe and paris ask brussels. pretty tricky to make. often we see training in those kind of cases overseas with a terrorist group. so the question will be did he receive that kind of training or did someone else in the network receive that kind of training. if so, when and where. it must also be said that beyond the claim of responsibility the assertion that he was a soldier
11:40 am
of the islamic state had that isis put out they have much more evidence they were behind this attack. there's been no video of him pledging allegiance or anything like that. there's been no further propaganda really substantiating their claim. but what the investigation here has found is a significant network. many of those involved places in this conspiracy british citizens of libyan descent and we're seeing more arrests as they roll this out. >> let me skip to you're right and e he hasn't pledged his allegiance, but we are seeing this freeze frame of the picture of him wheeling this big blue suitcase behind him that police are putting out. they want to talk to him in the days. do we think it's possible that all of those bomb making materials are in that suitcase? >> well, the police are not
11:41 am
saying that at this point. but it certainly is a possibility that there might be some nefarious substances in that suitcase, but they are not saying that for sure. they are very interested in hearing from members of the public that might have seen anybody or know what e he might have had inside that large suitcase given what happened really shortly afterwards. now we're coming up almost to the point where this attack took place exactly a week ago three hours up to that point. >> let me switch gears and ask you about the black flag of isis has been raised in the philippines. you have armed militants storming the city on the southern island taking control of the city center. the president declaring marshal law leading to heavy clashes that has killed 100 people including terrorists. this marks the first city seized by isis outside of the middle east. officials saying they have
11:42 am
wrestled back control. reports on the ground say that's not the case. do you know what's happening there? >> it's a very confusing situation out there in terms of who is in control of what. but there are now several accounts suggesting that the military sort of pushing back this band of militants aligned with isis away from this town. there's been an off again, on again insurgency there for a couple decades. and in recent years, we have seen the emergence of isis-aligned groups. local groups using isis branding to expand. but we shouldn't exaggerate the strength of these groups. they have hundreds, not thousands of fighters. and the main jihadi group on the island, the islamic liberation front is engaged in a peace
11:43 am
negotiation, the peace process with the philippine government. so these jihad eyes are a spinoff of some of the larger groups. i don't think there's much of a risk they will be able to maintain control of much territory. they are likely to be driven back up into the jungle. it's difficult for security services to then follow up and remove them from those jungle areas on that island. >> wanted to put it in context with you, paul cruickshank, thank you very much. moments from now, the man in charge of the special investigation into the trump campaign's ties to russia will make rare public remarks. standby for robert mueller. plus it is a disturbing practice inside some of america's schools. children who can't afford lunch money shamed in the cafetericaf. some kids singled out with different lunches in different lines. others literally branded on their arms.
11:44 am
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lunchtime is the best time of the day for many student, but for others it can be a shaming experience. a troubling trend called lunch shaming is on the rise. when a student doesn't have enough lunch money, they are taking away hot food and replacing it with a a cold sandwich or sometimes no food at all. but martin savidge has more. >> reporter: this 13-year-old doesn't talk about that day at lunch at school, but her dad does. >> what a kick in the face that would be for a kid. >> reporter: he's talking about what he says the cafeteria worker did after realizing she owed money on her lunch account. >> e he took her tray and offered her a cold cheese sandwich and white milk. >> reporter: his daughter was humiliated by her school in front of everyone.
11:49 am
>> it's ordborderline bullying. >> reporter: actually it's called lunch shaming. it's happening more often than people realize. 76% of school districts across america had students whose food. >> even though it costs $2.50, administrators say schools don't have the funds to absorb the debt. so many district when is a student can't afford lunch, they get ab alternate meal. which can be very different. critics say it only turns school lunch into a lesson in ridicule. >> it's very clear what your home life is like to the other kids. >> reporter: and it gets worse. online you can find posted photos of children baring what look like ink stamps demanding payment. they are literally branded. >> how does this happen in america today? in a school?
11:50 am
>> it's shocking that this is even a thing that is still going on. >> reporter: it's personal for michael. grewing up he knew poverty and hunger. now a a legislator, he made new mexico the first state to ban any kind of lunch shaming. >> how did you feel when it passed? >> once in awhile in the legislative process, we get something right and this is one we got right. >> reporter: so he says 21 other states have reached out to him to see what they can do. and an identical bill has been introduced into congress which could bring a federal law so no student should have to face a choice between hunger or shame. martin savidge, cnn, new mexico. more on our breaking news. tiger woods arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. those details ahead. also one former cia aufrlg says she would have been charged with espionage had she requested
11:51 am
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perhaps my experiences and in some cases my mistakes will strike a cord with you. let me turn first to the importance of public service where service over self. i can say that i did not really choose public service. i more or less fell into it early. on. perhaps not fully appreciating the challenges from such service. while at princeton, had one of the finest role models i could have ever asked for this an upperclassman. i played lacrosse with david in the spring of '65. he was not necessarily the best on the field, but he was a
11:56 am
determined and a natural leader. he graduated later that spring and joined the marine corps. david was a leader and a role model on the field at princeton and was a leader and a role model on the field of battle. and a year later after david had been in the marine corps and as we were graduating, we faced the decision of how to respond to the war in vietnam. and a number of dave's friends and teammates joined the marine corps because of him, as did i. david in the meantime volunteered for a second tour of vietnam, but did not survive as he lost his life to a sniper's bullet. so i do consider myself fortunate to have survived that tour in vietnam. there were many men such as david who did not, and i learned a number of valuable lessons from that tour.
11:57 am
and perhaps because of that having survived, i have felt compelled to try to get back into some way, and i have been lucky to spend a better part of my professional life in public service and to benefit from the intangible rewards that come from such service. lessons i learned as a marine have stayed with me for more than 40 years, the value of teamwork, sacrifice, discipline, life lessons i could not have learned in quite the same way elsewhere. and since its earliest days, the academy has emphasized service over self. your founder determined to make her life count for something good. >> robert mueller, the 2017 commencement speaker there at a small college prep school in marion, massachusetts. former fbi director and more notably recently appointed as special counsel overseeing this
11:58 am
broadening probe into ties between the trump campaign and russia. so i bet this academy had no idea when they picked him as the commencement speaker that he would have such national intere interest. you do get a sense of bob mueller the man, his values as he was speaking about it. >> funny enough, i'm reminded of 2013, the last time i physically saw robert mueller speak in public. his farewell at the justice department inside the great hall of the justice department where speak er after speaker, praised his service and then he gave kind of a highly regarded speech as well. hitting on a lot of the same points here. the key thing you need to know about robert mueller when you think about what his role is in this kind of position as special counsel right now, you think about what he's done in the past. you heard him talk about his time is serving in vietnam, as a
11:59 am
prosecutor and as fbi director, when you talk to people who worked with him, they all say the same thing. he's a staraight arrow. his career speaks for itself. and i think they look at what he now is faced with as special counsel of this investigation and expect that he is going to take the path that he thinks is best, which they all believe is the path that is probably best for this investigation. the big question is where that investigation actually leads. one thing we do know behind the scenes it's been going on, he's hard at work. taking a brief break for this speech today. by all accounts, he's been at the fbi and the justice department. he's been hiring his team. he's not wasting any time moving forward on this investigation. it's very clear that he's bring ing forward and bringing with him a team that plans on digging in as deeply as they need to to come to a conclusion at one point or another. >> i should mention looking at him one more title, his granddaughter is one of the 133 graduates there in marion,
12:00 pm
massachusetts, today. phil mattingly, as always, thank you so much. we continue on at the top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's begin with the president. president trump beginning his first week back from his overseas trip and the reset his white house was hoping for remains illusive. the crises hitting his administration reaching his son-in-law and one of his top advisers. jared kushner, he may have discussed creating this secret back channel so the trump transition team can communicate with the kremlin. what's more, crukushner suggest using russian facilities in the united states for the communications. "the washington post" cites u.s. officials briefed on intelligence reports of intercept